Active Shooter Training

I really struggled with this topic, it would be much easier to pick another subject. However, this is the country we now live in. This information comes directly from Active Shooter

  • Sign up to Active Shooter Training.
  • If you see something, say something.
  • Be aware of your environment and surroundings.
  • Make a plan, to ensure everyone knows what to do if confronted.
  • Always look for the two nearest exits wherever you go. Identify places you could hide.
  • During-Run
  • Run and escape if you can.
  • Leave your belongings and get away.
  • Help others escape if possible.
  • Warn others where the shooter may be.
  • Call 911 when you are safe.


  • Hide, if escape is not possible.
  • Get out of the shooters view and stay quiet.
  • Silence electronic devices.
  • Lock and block all doors, close blinds, turn lights off.
  • Don't hide in groups, spread out along walls or hide separately.
  • Stay in place until law enforcement gives you the all clear.
  • Fight, as a last resort.
  • Commit to your actions and be as aggressive as possible against the shooter.
  • Be prepared to cause severe or lethal injury to the shooter.
  • Recruit others to ambush the shooter with makeshift weapons like chairs, scissors, fire extinguishers, etc.
  • Throw items to distract the shooter.
  • Keep your hands empty.
  • Follow law enforcement's orders.
  • Take care of yourself first.