Be careful on social media

Social Media is more popular than ever. Whether it's Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, people are expressing themselves to others now more than ever. Especially younger people, 78% of millennials spend over an hour on social media a day at work. 77 % of all employees use social media at work, 25% of all employees are on social media over an hour a day while working.

As you can see by these numbers, social media in the workplace could very well lead to trouble. Here is another statistic for you, 28% of employers have already fired employees because of social media. It's not just poor performance, refusing to follow directions, harassment, or workplace gossip that can get you terminated anymore. Now, with all the different places to express your thoughts or feelings, social media is another way to have problems at work.

One thoughtless post can end a career, or ruin a reputation. Disrespectful behavior online or off is always a bad idea. Before you push the send button, think about what you have written. Any types of bullying, harassment, defamation, suggestions of violence, threats, or personal problems could lead to headaches for you. Also, personal gripe sessions about employers, co-workers, ex's, or rants can be trouble.

So please, think twice about the content that you post. Like pulling the trigger on a gun, you can't get it back once it's sent. There is little protection for you once you post something to social media. Be respectful while posting and do not have supervisors or management friending or following you on social media.