Be at the table and not on the menu

Now that the Summer is officially over, our thoughts and senses gravitate towards the the Fall season. Football, warm cider, the smell of fresh baked home made apple pie, and the sounds of dry leaves under our feet in the clean crisp morning air.
Here in the union office work still goes on at a feverish pace. We are busy with negotiating contracts for the Co. Op's we represent. At this time we are working on two contracts, one for Otsego Electric and the other one for Steuben Electric.  
A great deal of things had happened during the Summer. We worked on safety and the issues that arose from that - so lets make this Fall the safest season we can. As a Brotherhood lets pay attention, not only to our own safety, but to those who work around us. Lets look out for each other. We can do much better, practicing safe behaviors at home and at work. Using eye and hearing protection, wearing the appropriate clothing for the task at hand. Communicate and make sure we understand each other, be informed and ask questions. That is important, especially with a big election around the corner. Make sure you are informed, know the issues and what is going on in the Labor Movement. Register to vote and exercise that right and most importantly get involved. There are multiple local campaigns that Local 83 is involved in - so contact Business Agent Don Tuttel at the union office to make a difference this election year. 
Change is accomplished by one vote at a time. You have the right to elect your representatives and hold them accountable for their actions. Praise them if they do what they promise or hold them accountable for what they fail to do. The government holds you accountable for the labor you do, that should work both ways. So get involved Local at the political table and not on the menu this Fall season because we all deserve a piece of that fresh baked home apple pie.