Become an Active Union Member

Being a member in a Union is not a spectator sport. Unions were not designed to have its members sit in the stands and talk about the action taking place on the field.

Members of Local 10 IBEW need to know their stewards and officers. They should also have their contact information. Members also should have a good general knowledge of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (contract). The same goes for the Accident Prevention Manual and working safely at your job. Make sure that the Local Union office has your current address and phone numbers.

Attending Union meetings in your area is also a good way to gather information and participate in the direction of your Local Union. Donating as little as fifty cents a week to C.O.P.E. (Committee on Political Education) is a great help to the Legislative issues we face as Union Members.

Visiting the "IBEW Local 10" website is another source of information. Along with following "IBEW Local 10" on Twitter and Facebook. When visiting the website make sure you sign up for "Members Only" and receive biweekly information from Business Manager Gary Bonker.

Volunteer to be put on one of the many committees that are involved in the workings of the local. Our local now has a Youth Caucus/RENEW Charter that anyone under the age of thirty-five can join. Remember to call if you have questions, don't guess or worry.

Unions are stronger when all its members are active! You have the power.