Buffalo News: N.Y. must not rush into energy policy that costs jobs

A message by Patrick Guidice, Chair of the Utility Labor Council of New York, IBEW and James Shillitto, President of UWUA Local 1-2.
New York is dependent on energy supplies from out of state for more than three-fourths of its energy needs, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. That means 75% of the energy used by New York State residents comes from out-of-state providers.
When we asked the Cuomo administration exactly which states are providing energy, the amounts, and their source of energy, we received no response. The Cuomo team took a victory lap when it closed coal plants along the Southern Tier, resulting in thousands of jobs lost, while the coal plants just over the Pennsylvania border continued to thrive, providing New York with dirty power.
This demonstrates the hypocrisy of New York State’s energy policy. A policy that has devastated communities like Somerset, Buchanan and Newburgh, which all witnessed the mass exodus of good-paying jobs.