Condolences to Local 10 Members Who Have Lost Family and Friends

All of us who are members of Local Union 10 IBEW would like to send our sympathy and condolences to all those who have experienced the loss of Family, Friends and Colleagues. Whether the loss was due to the pandemic or other reasons.
The pandemic has forced us to take unprecedented measures to keep ourselves safe from the COVID-19 virus. That includes restrictions that limit gatherings including funerals, burials and Shiva's. Consequentially mourners experience a new type of grief, when the traditional and common practices observed surrounding end-of-life are abruptly changed.
What are we to do when we are not able to go express our feelings in person? Write a sympathy note, message of condolence card sharing thoughts and offering personal expressions are well received. Maybe send a condolence meal or sympathy basket.
There will never be a replacement of personal interaction, however expressing condolences and showing support will assist family members, friends and coworkers during their time of need.
Be well, be safe and be thoughtful of others.