Create a "We" Workplace

"The power of an organization is the capacity generated by relationships. Those who relate through coercion, or in disregard of others, create negative energy. Those who are open to others and who see others in their fullness create positive energy." -Margaret Wheatley
"Me workplace": These workplaces are high on fear and low on trust. These organizations preach team, but team members act as lone wolves. Employees feel they have to protect turf, leaders are perceived as ineffective or autocratic. Self-protection is the dominant feeling. Frustration and resentment are common emotions.
"We workplace": The leaders are seen as caring, and they walk the talk. Diversity is encouraged. Failure is tolerated and risk taking encouraged. Leaders support sharing and discourage territorial acts. Leaders are dedicated to fairness and having employees reach their full potential. Confidence and satisfaction are common emotions here.
(From the Intentional Workplace)
As you can see from the above the "We" workplace is a much better place to work. You don't have control of who your supervisor is, or how management chooses to run their corporation. You do have control of how you interact with your union sisters and brothers at the workplace. Do things for the working group, not just for yourself. Together we are strong and can accomplish much. Together we are safer, watching out for each other. Together you will be happier and satisfied in a "We" workplace.