Don't Screw Over Your Union Brothers and Sisters

Local Union 10 IBEW against Union Incest! Don't screw your Union Brothers and Sisters!

Do I have your attention now? We have enough outside forces doing everything they can to bring about the demise of the unions. There are the corporations, the politicians, billionaires, the list goes on. Don't work against those of your kind who are trying to make a decent living like you are. Don't screw your union brothers and sisters!

Our strength is our unity and numbers. Together we can do great things to raise the standard of living for the middle class. As we help each other, we become closer. The closer we become, the stronger we are. Build up one another, don't tear down your union brothers and sisters. It is easier to do the right thing anyway. We can only be divided from internal strife. So be there for each other, it makes for a much easier and pleasant day.
If you feel that you have a problem with a coworker, please call the local union office or go to your steward. Most problems can be worked through. If not, the IBEW Constitution covers such matters in Article XXV: Misconduct, offenses, and penalties.

I'm sure you've heard the story of how a bucket of crabs will pull back down into the bucket any crab that tries to get out. This is how we don't want to be. We want to be like the colony of ants that work together to move seemingly impossible objects, using teamwork and solidarity to accomplish amazing things.