Don't Spread Rumors or Gossip at Work

"Do not repeat anything you will not sign your name to."
Rumors, we all have to deal with them. However, at work is certainly a place where they are not needed. If you choose to entertain them on your own time, that's your business. Please don't practice rumors or gossip at work. There is enough change going on at work without people spreading false stories around. At work we need to be focused on safety and doing our job as best we can.
"A rumor without a leg will get around some other way."
Anyone representing Local Union 10 in any capacity must refrain from spreading rumors. Doing so puts us all in a bad light. Our members must be confident in what we are telling them is what we know to be true. Members will justifiably come to not trust what you say if you are spreading rumors.
PROVERB: "Gossiping and lying go hand in hand."
Unfortunately, there are those among us who can't help but spread rumors. Likewise, we have those that accept a rumor as the truth. This situation just leads to upset people and bad feelings towards a coworker. Also, taking a rumor told to you and repeating it is no better than being the originator.
So let's all deal with what we know to be true. This will help to make our time at work much safer, productive and enjoyable.