Electrical Workers Without Borders North America

At the 39th IBEW International Convention there were fifty-two Resolutions put to the delegates to be voted upon. In the future I will be discussing some of these resolutions with you.

Today, I would like to let you know about Resolution #8 "Electrical Workers Without Borders North America."   There are several groups around the world that are participating in an international initiative to bring access to electricity and or water to areas to support development. The IBEW has long been a leader in the electrical industry and acknowledges the importance of electricity as a resource, especially in developing nations.
The "Electrical Workers Without Borders North America" (EWWBNA) is a non-profit organization that has been established to study, promote and establish projects around the world that support development of infrastructure in developing nations or regions that have been affected by natural disasters. The EWWBNA will organize emergency actions and reconstruction projects in regions affected by catastrophic events, humanitarian crises and other extraordinary events.
The EWWBNA works closely with other associations, including national or international public entities and non-governmental organizations that operate to assist disadvantage populations to achieve this purpose.
IBEW is able to assist and aid in providing resources for communities in developing nations that lack key infrastructure. Therefore, an organization such as EWWBNA provides opportunities to support human rights and dignity throughout the world by providing the knowledge, resources and experience to bring much needed electricity, telecommunications, and clean drinking water to those countries.
This may be something that some of you are interested in participating in.