Freedom at home and abroad

Message from Business Manager Leo Yanez
Brothers and Sisters, it is hard to believe that almost half the year is already gone. Independence day is just around the corner, with this day of celebration there are a few things we should consider. Safety is the number one priority for an enjoyable celebration.  The risk of home fire increases, especially if fireworks are involved so please don't leave your children without supervision if they are enjoying fireworks.
Practice the same safe behaviors at home that you practice at work. Your health and the well being of your family is very important. Let us not forget that freedom isn't free. Many of our members are overseas protecting our beloved Country from harm. Make sure a prayer or a solemn moment goes out to tthe families who have loved ones in our armed forces abroad.
While they are out there fighting to protect freedom, let us fight here for the right to organize, for a safe workplace, good benefits, decent wages and to secure a bright future for our children and the generations to come. Happy fourth of July Local 83 and may God bless us all.