Happy Holidays Local 10

Another holiday season is upon us. A time for family and friends to gather and express their appreciation for one another. Children are excited about gifts and are in suspense, waiting until they can be opened. We are very fortunate as union members to be able to take part in all the holiday fun.
Let's try and do what we can to help those not as fortunate as we are. There are those that are ill, the elderly who can't get out, those without the finances to provide for their children, the homeless, and those who may just be alone during the holidays. It's always good to help where we can.
We also want to remember and thank those serving in all the branches of the military. Some of our service members will not be with their families for the holidays. Another sacrifice they make for us wherever they are in the world.
Thank you to those of you that will be working during the holidays to keep the electricity and gas operating for all those people who don't really think about it until it is not there. Your skills and hard work are appreciated by all.
We will also be thinking of those that we lost in the past year. Thinking of them and their families who will be missing them dearly over the holidays.
With the holidays come parties. We all love holiday parties and of course New Year's Eve celebrations. Please take the time to plan ahead how you are going to get home from these gatherings. Designated drivers, taxi, however. Make sure you get home safe and sound and that no one else is injured.
All the best to you and yours and Happy Holidays!