Hours of Work Agreement

Concerning the "Hours of Work" Memorandum of Agreement, or as it is more commonly referred to "17/7." This agreement was made for the safety of the
people working for NYSEG. No other reason!

It certainly was not created for management to manipulate! It was created for your safety.

Go home and rest after 17 hours of work, as the agreement says. You don't have to stay working for 24 straight hours. The 17/7 document was put together for your safety.

If you become tired before the 17 hour mark, go home. No one wants you to be tired and get injured as a result of your fatigue. The agreement is for your
safety and well-being.

As IBEW members of Local Union 10 it is our responsibility to do our jobs correctly, efficiently and safely. Take time to make the correct decisions where
you are working. Be safe at all time. Go home after 17 hours of work. Get 7 hours of rest and come back in and perform your job to the best of your ability.