IBEW National Safety Council

The IBEW and the entire organized labor movement have, from the earliest days, had as one of their primary objectives the desire to do all that is possible to ensure that all workers are provided a safe and healthy workplace.
The purpose of the National Safety Council Labor Division is to be the conduit for safety-focused information sharing and idea exchange with other union members and to interact and discuss safety issues with other professionals who share the same job responsibilities, have experienced the same challenges and can share their thoughts and ideas to assist in developing solutions to safety related issues.
The Labor Division has, for over forty years, given organized labor a voice in National Safety Council activities, having full division status within the council and its Board of Directors and Board of Delegates.
The IBEW has been and today remains, one of the leading international unions participating in key roles within this important body since the beginning days of the Labor Division. Affiliation for a local union gives that local union access to National Safety Council publications and services.
The delegates of the 39th Convention go on record in support of continuing to work with the National Safety Council in their efforts to improve workplace safety for our members.