Immediate Action Needed

"Every Success is built on the ability to do better than good enough"

Recently there have been many accidents, flash burns, close calls and wires burnt down. We are all aware of the "Safety Pyramid." It won't be long before there is a fatality if this type of behavior continues regarding safety.

It's not just here where we work. Last week I attended a 3rd District IBEW Workshop, which is a meeting of IBEW Business Managers to exchange ideas. One of our regular topics is accidents. I will, give you a brief rundown of accidents from the last four months from the states of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland (3rd District).

  1. Fatality; Lineperson kneeling in front of an energized underground Transformer with no rubber gloves on and fell into the transformer.
  2. Fatality; single worker trouble person had one phase from a three phase line down in back of houses. Picked the phase up thinking it was dead with no rubber gloves on.
  3. Crushed Pelvis; Lineperson crushed between two bucket trucks. The person trying to drive the bucket truck away did not walk around the truck before moving it.
  4. Leg Amputation; Power Plant Coal Crew, 65 cars full of coal brought in and not properly secured by brakes. The train starts to roll, the injured person was attempting to run and jump up on the train to stop it when the train ran over his leg.
  5. Cracked skull and flash burns; substation person working on an energized capacitor out of the work zone.
  6. Flash Burns; Underground Crew worked in a different area on a "Red Tagged" energized wire.
  7. Partial Finger Amputation; Gas Fitters working in a confined space removing a flange. One work had fingers on the nut, when the other worker turned the bolt without notice.
  8. Ten to Twelve Switching Errors; Company has new Automation and Distribution Authority.
This is simply not acceptable. This Union was born out of constant fatalities and Accidents. We are paid more to do our work correctly and safely.
Myself, my staff, the IBEW International, the companies, and yes you must do a better job of making sure our members work safely all of the time.