Local 10 Continues to Work on COVID Vaccine Rules

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
As you may have heard, Avangrid Corporation has informed it's employees that a "test or vaccinate" program is scheduled to begin shortly. There are many members that have expressed concern about how this policy will affect them and what is the Brotherhood's position on this.
IBEW Local 10, along with the International Office, believes that our Membership should receive the COVID-19 vaccine for protection against the virus. But we do not believe that the decision to become vaccinated against COVID-19 should be mandatory or a detriment to your employment status. We also insist that a "test or vaccinate" program is a change in our working conditions and hence subject to negotiation.
Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, IBEW Local 10 has been in weekly communications with the Company on their policies to keep the workplace safe. The Union's leadership team has and will take appropriate action in regards to disagreement with the Company's COVID-19 response. We have also communicated with other IBEW locals who represent Avangrid employees and share information regularly.
Our Leadership team has explored options to better communicate with you, the Membership, on updates on Brotherhood's responses to Avangrid COVID-19 policies. Please feel free to talk with a Union Steward to see if they have any updates, or call the office to schedule a callback from a Business Agent.
Yours in solidarity.