Make Labor Day's true meaning a topic of conversation

Message from Business Manager Leo Yanez. Brothers and Sisters, the Labor Day weekend is here, for many this signifies the end of the Summer and the start of the school year. Labor day is much more than that. Labor day is a celebration of workers and their achievements., This celebration originated at the height of the Industrial Revolution, when people used to work 12 hour days, 7 days a week for meager pay, under unsafe conditions, unsanitary facilities and no breaks or time off. Furthermore, child labor was prevalent back then, with children often earning a fraction of their adult counterparts. Workers faced with this appalling working conditions started to organize and negotiate better working conditions and pay.
Thanks to those pioneers the Labor Movement grew and people started to be more vocal, organizing marches, rallies and strikes to protest poor working conditions. Many of this events became violent resulting on the massacre of workers near Chicago in the late 1800's. The Labor Movement evolved from the early days to be a voice for all the workers in the United States.
The many success of the Labor Movement can be highlighted by such accomplishments like the 40 hour work week, overtime pay, vacation, sick and personal time. the FMLA and many other benefits negotiated trough the years by Local Unions. ALL workers, whether they be Union or non-Union enjoy this benefits. These are benefits we all sometimes take for granted. As you are probably aware, unions are always under attack. Corporate greed, trade agreements that undermine the American Worker and sectarian interests are just a few harsh realities that threaten the American way of life.
So Brothers and Sisters, be proud to be a member of the IBEW. Be especially proud to belong to this Local. Local 83 has a rich history with safety and mutual respect being our common culture. This Labor Day weekend when around the barbeque, be a union educator and talk to friends, neighbors and your family members about your Union. Invite them to read this email, watch a few videos on our website. Let them know what Unions stand for and the history behind them. You want the non-union to understand that great changes came about because of the great sacrifices of workers before us. Being a union member, we are their decedents and we must honor their memory by being vocal on the great American holiday we call Labor Day.
Enjoy your day, this is a celebration of you, a celebration of us! Have a wonderful weekends and please be safe and celebrate responsibly. Happy Labor Day!