Make A Plan to Vote this Tuesday

With three New York State elections this year — a primary in June and August and a general election in November — 2022 is going to be an important political year for IBEW 10 members. Why are elections important for our members? Because one vote from an unfriendly legislator or committee can wipe out 50 years of progress on issues like overtime, pension benefits, safety regulations and more.
Although the New York State general elections are still months away, the process starts now, with primary elections for New York State for Governor and Lt. Governor on Tuesday June 28. IBEW Local 10 does not make endorsements in primary elections, but we do ask that you, as a Union Member, understand that not every Politician will have your career interests on their mind. We want to make sure we elect representatives who understand IBEW issues and will have an open door when we go to Albany or City Hall or even Washington, DC with our concerns.
IBEW Local 10 needs you to vote in all elections, that our voices to our political leadership are heard as one.  This is the strength in our Union. Ensuring that labor friendly representation is in attendance when important decisions are made is critical. We cannot leave it to chance that the right candidates are elected. We need to vote.
The New York State Primary election is Tuesday June 28, 2022 for Governor, Lt. Governor, U.S. Senate, State Executive and Assembly offices. The next New York State Primary is on August 23, 2022, with U.S. House and State Senate offices up for decision. Finally on November 8, 2022 the general election will be held. Please plan on having IBEW Local 10’s voice heard by casting your vote.