May is Electrical Safety Month

Message from Local 83 IBEW Business Manager Leo Yanez
With the recent Workers Memorial Day behind us, we now enter into May and re-energize ourselves to be safe. May is Electrical Safety Month, where we remind ourselves and our nieghbors of the dangers of working with and around electricity.  It may seem like common sense to us to never drive over downed power lines, our touch power lines without the proper safety equipment. Even shoving metal objects into electrical outlets seems like a dumb thing to do, but to kids who are unaware of the dangers - these incidents happen. Statistics show that 99 out of 100 homes have an electrical defect and each year in the United States, home fires kill more American's than all natural disasters combined. Here are a couple more safety tips for you to share with your family, neighbors and our customers to avoid becoming a statistic.
Extension cords are for temporary use only; extension cord fires outnumber fires beginning with permanent sources by more than 2 to 1. 
Smoke detectors should be interconnected, so that they all sound if one sounds; smoke detectors save lives only when working properly. 
Use GFCI receptables in areas where water may come into contact with electrical products, such as the bathroom and kitchen; GFCIs protect against electrical shock.
The more we know, and the more we advocate for electrical safety and awareness, the more lives we can save.