National Lineman Appreciation Day

So there is some confusion over when National Lineman Appreciation Day actually is. Congress declared one on April 18th in 2013 but no other resolution has been passed since making it an annual day of recognition. Public utilities and co-ops across the country have recognized the many sacrifices and contributions that our hardworking line workers make on the second Monday of April every year.

Public power utility lineman work hard every day to keep the power safely flowing and often do so out of public sight and out of mind. We can change this with a National Lineman Appreciation Day.

Like all public service workers, line workers have to toil in either sunny or stormy weather, on weekends and holidays, on-call and in emergencies as "first responders" and that dedication makes them worthy of our thanks and respect.  The work can also be dangerous. According to industry experts, utility line work is in the top 10 most dangerous jobs in the country. The National Safety Council has reporting that in 2013, 44 lineman lost their lives on the job.

So to all the line workers in our union, the men and women who brave the elements regardless of what the weather brings, we salute your dedication and commitment not only to our union, but to the communities in which we live and work. We hope that over time, a National Lineman Appreciation Day is permanently established.

So in the meantime, include #ThankaLineman in your social media updates to send out a thoughtful message to our all utility workers. Better yet, thank them in person because when the next storm hits, and the power is out, it is a union guy or gal, a union utility lineman, making it out to restore the power.