NYSEG Contract Update

Contract negotiations are continuing and progressing.  There have been questions as to what happens when the agreement expires.  If that happens, (and with time constraints is probable) and unless notified by stewards, email, notices, website, etc., we will continue to negotiate and you will continue to work under the current Collective Bargaining Agreement.

This has been discussed with the Company and they do understand that we have to have time for explanation meetings across the state.

Nothing at the present time leads me or the committee to believe that we will not have an agreement.  And, there is an understanding between the Union and the Company that the Union needs and will have the time at the end of the negotiations to fully discuss the agreement with the membership and to do it under the existing CBA.

We will keep you updated again within the week, as the end of the current CBA draws to an end.

Again, thank you for the words of support as we work to reach this agreement soon.