Remembering Don Tuttel

Spring is here, as we reflect on what was a very trying year, we hope things will start to get back to some type of normalcy with the availability of vaccines and people getting them in their arms. As we go forward this year take care of the things that you can control whether it be health, family, safety or other.

We also remember our brother Don Tuttel who passed away on March 6th after a brief illness. Don was a long time member of our union, working for NYSEG for over 30 years before becoming Business Agent and later Assistant Business Manager for Local 10. During Don's time with our local he played an instrumental role in getting both the Call Center Bill and the Gloving bill passed.  Please keep Don's wife Amy, his children and family in your thoughts and prayers. To fill Don's unexpired term, I have appointed Danny Addy to serve as Assistant Business Manager until the next election.