Respect in the Workplace

Webster's Dictionary tells us that "RESPECT" is defined as - to show consideration or esteem for, to relate to, courtesy or considerate treatment. Respect is something, as an IBEW Member, that guides us through our whole day. We must respect ourselves enough to do our job the right way. Respect ourselves enough to do our jobs safely.

"Respect for ourselves guides our morals, Respect for others guides our manners." Your Family, your co-workers and their Families need to have your respect so you work safely and go home to them as you came. Respect for your Union. Doing the job correctly, timely and safely is what distinguishes the Union worker from the non-union worker. Respect for your Union Brothers and Sisters no matter their race, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion or country of origin. We are all inclusive, and stronger with diversity.

We respect the customer and the public while we work. We are the face of Local 10 IBEW while we do our jobs. This is how the customer and public will judge us and our union.

Respect for the tools, vehicles, work spaces and buildings we use. This might seem obvious, but is often taken for granted.

"Knowledge will give you power, and character respect." As a Local 10 member you are a leader, ambassador and voice of our union. Please remember the word "RESPECT" as you do your job daily.