Retirees Coming Back to Work

Recently the Company, in your separation discussions has asked about your availability for CONTRACTOR or CONTINGENT WORKER status, i.e. returning to work.
You have retired by choice from the Company and have supported yourself and your families during your careers here. As former members of SCU-7 and recently Local 10, the Union has supported and negotiated on your behalf for the entirety of your employment.
Now, Local 10 is asking for that support in your retirement. NYSEG and Iberdrola USA are willing to deplete the current workforce, and then, bring you back and not replacing NEEDED jobs. You are being used as fill in's and denying advancement opportunities for active employees remaining and working.
We know as former members how you would feel and have felt when contractors were and are here doing work that we could and can do with more people. To have a retiree come back and do that work would be the ultimate insult and humiliation.
We would ask that you retire, defend the opportunity for advancement, and let your former Brothers and Sisters advance and work! 

And I know that this letter will make its way to the salaried, retired or retiring workforce. As the Business Manager of this Local, I would hope that you would consider and respect the Union's position and considerations in this matter. Thank you.