Right-to-Work is Wrong for Workers

I have talked with you previously about the importance of politics in building our Union. Not everyone likes politics, but they cannot deny the important role it plays in our lives as Union members. We need friends of organized labor in office to thrive.

Recently, Representative Steve King of Iowa and South Carolina Representative Joe Wilson introduced legislation that would make Right-to Work the law across the entire United States! Union members, to some degree, help put the people in office that want to do us in. They actually voted to take money out of their wallets.

Right-to-work has nothing to do with protecting individual rights. It has nothing to do with creating job. It has everything to do with weakening Unions! Unions are the backbone of the middle class. Giving working families a voice, fighting for higher wages, better benefits, and a safe place to work!
New York State is by far the most unionized state in the country. However, New York's union numbers dropped by nearly five per cent between 2015 and 2016. The drop of 96,000 union workers here in New York wiped out the 58,000 union worker increase between 2014 and 2015. Our states union workforce has remained steady though, over the past decade. New York's unionized workforce accounts for twenty three percent of the states jobs.
Nationally, that number is at eleven per cent. California is the only state with a higher number of union members at 2.6 million, New York has 1.9 million.
The power of Unions in New York can be traced to Albany where laws and policy are made for us. We cannot continue to vote against our own well-being and expect to keep enjoying the benefits of being a Union Member! On the local, state, regional and national levels we have informed, smart, conscientious voters.
Voting against our well-being is wrong! Right-to-work is wrong!