Running for Office

If we want to protect our rights as Union workers, we are going to have to put our members in places where they can make the decisions. We need Union Members to run for political office at the local, regional and national level. IBEW Members in the states of New Jersey and Oregon have already done this and they are winning elections.
IBEW Union Members know how much politics impact working families. They understand the social problems affecting us. We know how policies affect our communities. When Union Members hold political office there is an opportunity for change. We can provide the leadership needed to raise everyone up, instead of lowering our standard of life.
Having IBEW Union Members in public office gets us all a seat at the decision making table. It helps us build alliances. It puts a face on organized labor in our community, which is very important. We need to heavily support those union members that do decide to run for office. Walk and talk with people about our candidate and issues. This expands our base. Your local church groups, neighborhood gatherings, and social gatherings are all opportunities for us to do so. Start by running for office in your community where you are already known, run for school board, village board or town council. Also, be patient, you may not win your first time. Learn and keep at it.

If you're already in office, please contact the union office so we can support your efforts.