Safety is our responsibility

I can think of no more important of a subject to talk with you about then going home after work in the same condition as when you came to work. Safety, it is our responsibility.  To make sure we do everything we can do to make our job safe.  From the planning of the job, the execution of the job, even reviewing the job. Safety has to be our first thought.

The important thing to remember is that there is no excuse not to do your job the safe way.  No impatient supervisor, not getting the lights or gas on a few minutes earlier, not getting from one job site to the next a little faster, or even because it might be easier.  Think how ridiculous those excuses will sound when you or someone else is injured.  Short cuts with safety eventually lead to disaster.  The utility industry in which we work is no place for shortcuts.

We are contractually obligated to follow safety rules as set up by the company, the state and the municipality in which we work. The union also requires its members to abide by the safety rules.  As an IBEW union member we should be giving our employer eight hours of skilled, safe, productive work for eight hours pay.  We are paid well to do just that.  Also, you should never be asked to put yourself in a position of undue risk.  Let alone place yourself in that position by our own choice.

The saying "accidents will happen," is simply not true.  It's been proven you can go home the same way that you came to work.  So please, focus on your safety and those around you.  Come to your job, work safely and go home healthy.