Safety is our top priority

As Business Manager of Local 10, I have to make a lot of decisions, some easier than others. You may not be aware that IBERDROLA USA at the time, and now AVANGRID put together the "Strategic Safety Board/Skilled Safety Panel" to align the safety practices of NYSEG, CMP and RGE. This includes the Accident Prevention Manual, Switching and Tagging, Standard Operating Procedures, Local Safety Committees, everything related to safety. IBERDROLA USA chose this path knowing full well they have a contractual obligation to meet with and work through the "Joint Safety Committee" established between NYSEG and Local 10 IBEW.

Because of this and other recent decisions by management, I have decided that no Union Officers or my appointed representatives to the Strategic Safety Panel will be attending "The 2016 AVANGRID Networks Strategic Safety Board/Skilled Safety Panel Safety Forum" on June 13, 2016, in Albany, New York.

I wanted to make sure that you as a member of Local 10 knew of this decision, and that you heard it from me. Your safety is the number one concern of everyone at Local 10 and it is a personal priority of mine. We want what is best for our members, and will continue to work to that end. New representatives have been appointed to the "Strategic Safety Panel" also, and they will report directly to the Joint Safety Committee and myself. The intent of this action is only to express to management at NYSEG and AVANGRID that we are taking this quite seriously.

Please, as members of our Local Union work safely every day. Watch out for those you work with and take the time to do it right.