Social Media...Again

Yes, I have talked a couple times before about your job and social media. However, several recent events have led me back to the subject.
First, once you identify yourself as working for a company any of your posts or likes become that company's concern. Forty-eight percent of companies have not hired people because of that persons social media. Of those forty-six percent were because of alcohol and drug posts, forty-one percent were discriminatory posts, along with inappropriate screen names. Make sure you know your company's social media policy and privacy policy.
Other reasons that have led to disciplines and terminations are:
  • Posting that you are at a party when you went home sick from work.
  • Identifying yourself as an employee of a company and then expressing political or religious views.
  • Anything in "bad taste"
  • Posting work related information
  • Alcohol or drug related posts
  • Customer information or complaints
  • Venting you'd like to hurt or kill a co-worker or supervisor.
Social media can affect your employment at any level or time. Make sure that your actions on social medial are well thought out so that they reflect positively on you as a career minded person. Be cautious of accepting friend requests or sending them to co-workers or supervisors. Social media disciplines are handled by corporations on a case-by-case basis.

Never post anything threatening, harassing, bullying or defamatory or that could contribute to a hostile work environment by disparaging others based on race, gender, disability, religion and any status protected by law or company policy.