Steward Training

Happy New Year and I hope you had an enjoyable holiday season.  Local 10 IBEW started off the year with training for all its officers.  I requested the training from the International IBEW Representatives in an effort to give the officers of Local 10 the tools to represent the members to the best of their ability.  Additionally, February 4th and 16th Stewards will have training to help them in their duties, as well as serve the membership.

Local 10 previously requested that any member that did not receive an IBEW Union card or lost theirs, to contact our office to get a new one.  We have since had only a handful of requests for cards.  The order going to the International office will be sent soon, so please contact the union office if you desire a card.

In closing we would like to give you Read the Fine Print Warning if you are contacted about signing up for the "Free Solar Power" by a company.  Items such as your mortgage could be at stake.

Until next time, be sure and watch out for your co-workers.