Strengthening Workers Power in 2021

I hope that you had a safe and happy holiday season. Now we are on to 2021. A new year, a new chapter, a new verse, or the same old story? Ultimately, we write it ourselves. The choice is ours. Let's do everything we can to get rid of:
  • Right to work legislation
  • A anti worker NLRB
  • Union Busting
  • Trickle Down Economics
  • A weak OSHA
  • Voter Suppression
  • Misclassification of workers

President elect Biden said "I'm a union guy" and that in his administration "unions are going to have increased power." We shall see. Let's do what we can in 2021 to achieve:

  • Strong pro worker organizing legislation
  • Card check union elections
  • A $15.00 minimum wage
  • Mandatory overtime pay
  • Strong collective bargaining rights
  • Protect workplace rights
  • Strengthen civil rights
  • Gender equality
  • Workplace health and safety
  • Rebuild our nation's infrastructure
I could go on and on, you as well I'm sure. Make 2021 a year of action for a stronger middle class.