Thank You to the Linemen

Who responds to wires down and burning? Who responds to find and fix reports of gas odors? Who has helped and saved people hurt or ill in their homes? Who has been the first on traffic accident scenes to help the victims? Who responds to large storms, and works through the storm to restore your power?
The forgotten first responder, the Utility Worker, that's who. The people who work for your utility leave their own families and homes to go make sure that you have power to your home, so that you are safe and comfortable. Working long hours in difficult conditions.
While other first responders are deservedly recognized by the public and politicians, such as fire, police, emergency medical technicians. The Utility Worker has not been. As Business Manager of Local 10 IBEW, and a Lineman myself for 30 years, I know first-hand what the employees of your utility do for their customers and communities.
It is time that these forgotten first responders be recognized for what they contribute to our community's well-being. I am proud of them, and proud to be one! Thank you to all the Utility Workers.