Time is the Only Resource that you Can Never Get Back

When I was young (which is quite a while ago now) and it was a holiday, everything was closed. You bought your groceries ahead of time. Time was valued more then it seems. People wanted their time off from work to enjoy themselves and their family.
People were not chained to large  corporations, as it seems they are today. The large corporations have helped to change the perception that time is more valuable than money. So much so that some people now ask to turn in their vacation time for cash. When in reality, time is far more valuable than money. In the words of Jim Rohn, "You can get more money, but you cannot get more time."
Ever since a clock was first used to synchronize labor in the 18th century, time has been understood in relation to money. The saying "Time is money" helps create an urgency to make every moment count. In the 1980's President Ronald Reagan cut taxes and social-welfare programs, which increased inequality and halted the overall decline in working hours. The rising costs of basics like -pensions, health care, and higher education, most of which is funded or subsided in Europe - make it rational to trade time for money. And because American holidays are limited, doled out grudgingly, if at all, by employers it is hard to coordinate time off with others. Any working parent really feels the crunch for time.
No one has more time than anyone else. Each day has 24 hours. Time is the great equalizer. I know of no one who wished they had worked more while in their final moments.