Training the new generation of Stewards

Local 10 has started 2016 with training.  Officers received their training in January.  Stewards are being trained February 4th and 16th.  International  Representative Julie Cosenza, International Representative Jim Ayrer conducted the training at the Local 10 office.  The training included topics such as the Grievance Procedure, National Labor Relations Act, Legal Rights, Harassment, Rules of a Steward, Organizing, Union Structure, Legal Issues, Arbitration, Labor Laws, Workers Compensation and more.

The Union Steward is often the person that the Union Member first goes to for information or advice.  This is why we asked for the training.  To make sure that your Steward has all the tools they need to do their best.

Please remember that your Union Steward volunteered for the position because they believe in Unionism, standing together and helping you have a voice at your job.  Treat them with the respect they deserve.  Being a Union Steward is not an easy job.  Even though you may be anxious, frustrated, or upset with the situation at the time.  Try to gather the facts of the matter on paper and go to your steward as calmly as possible so you can proceed together towards a resolution to the problem.

Also, you will find below a copy of your "Weingarten Rights."  This is your legal right if you feel a conversation or questions from management could lead to you being disciplined.  Please print it and keep it with you at work.

 As always, watch out for your own safety and your co-workers.  Let's go home as healthy as we came to work.