Use Flaggers when Dealing with Traffic

Our work can be dangerous enough without having to do it next to traffic. Yet, that is exactly what many of us do on a regular basis. Even with the "move over
and slow down" laws, in 2016 there were 103 road worker deaths in the United States.

We must always consider the hazards in roadside work zones. Is there traffic coming from multiple directions? Are there pedestrians and cyclists to consider? What type of traffic are we dealing with-passenger cars, buses, and large trucks? How is the visibility of the approaching drivers? Are there children or schools in the area to be concerned of? What is the weather like, fog, snow or rain? Speeding vehicles, someone is always late.

We should utilize all available items to make our roadside work as safe as possible such as signs, cones, barricades and flaggers. A flagger, not always around are they? Well this is when they are to be utilized:

1.     When two way traffic is reduced to one lane.
2.     When traffic is forced to stop.
3.     When traffic is forced to cross the center line.
4.     When the roadway is temporarily closed.
5.     To provide necessary protection of the worksite.
6.     When visible obstructions exist.
7.     When traffics speed is reduced.
8.     When traffic control devices alone are not sufficient.

So please use flaggers and traffic control devices to keep you, your coworkers and the public safe while you work.