Dear Brothers and Sisters

We have achieved victory last night, it was a hard battle. This is a victory for the Labor Movement and for Unions across the country. This will give us a break and a chance to educate and send our message to the rest of the Nation, specially to the "right to work" States where union membership is low, as is wages and benefits for working people. Unions and their Brotherhoods are here to take care of the members, to speak out for unfair labor practices, to help the American worker achieve the "American Dream". Through labor's efforts, unions help send young people through college and get an education and see that greed and selfishness is not the answer. Brothers and Sisters it's time to educate not only ourselves on what unions are all about - but our friends and family as well. Somehow along the way we lost track of the meaning of Brotherhood, let me remind you of some of the concepts that are associated with that word. Brotherhood is sharing the same values of hard work, honest pay for honest work, supporting one another, helping others when in need, rejoicing in others triumphs and be sadden by each others tribulations. In the end, we are only as strong as our weakest member, strength comes from knowledge and the sharing of values. Lets share with one another, lets take pride on being a Union member, lets take pride on being a member of the IBEW and last, lets take pride on being a member of the IBEW Local 83. God bless you and keep you.