Vote No on Con Con

On November 7, 2017, New Yorkers will be asked if the state should hold a convention to re-write our state constitution. What is alarming to me is that 60% of New Yorkers have not even heard of this. The thought that this group of people may go into a voting booth and think "why not, I'll vote yes" when they know nothing about a Constitutional Convention is just plain scary.
Most New Yorkers that know about these conventions are against them, and will vote no. Voters that are drawn to a Constitutional Convention, mainly by the hope that it would give power to regular people rather than politicians, and by the vague basic notion that the constitution is out of date and needs to be modernized. When in fact a Constitutional Convention would be controlled by well-funded special interest groups and career politicians who would dominate the process and take advantage of the system to benefit at your expense.

Corporations and their lobbyists will use a convention to weaken workers' rights and protections. Changes to pensions, prevailing wage laws in constitution, collective bargaining, care and benefits for injured workers could all be possibilities. Right-to-work could actually come to New York during a Constitutional Convention!

A New York Constitutional Convention could cost tax payer hundreds of millions of dollars and invite corruption by enabling entrenched Albany politicians to make up to $80,000.00 on top of the taxpayer-funded salaries they already receive. With no timeline to complete their work at a Constitutional Convention, there could be no end in sight. Albany politicians and insiders could continue enriching themselves at the taxpayers' expense for years.
This will not be a "people's convention"! It will be run by career politicians, lobbyists and insiders. All funded by large corporations looking to take away protection for working men and women. Please, tell your family, friends and co-workers to "VOTE NO" to a Constitutional Convention November 7, 2017!