Voting the union value set

November 8, 2016, is Election Day in the United States. Many important decisions will face you when you enter the voting booth this time.
100% of the House of Representatives is up for election this year and 33% of the Senators. Gaining control of the House of Representatives by those who back the Union Worker, is as important as putting a President in the White House who backs organized labor. The House of Representatives has done nothing but block legislation that would help union workers and the middle class for years. It's time to put our supporters and friends in office!
Remember to vote for those that will benefit your wallet. Union members make on average 27% more in their pay checks than non-union workers. Voting for an anti-union candidate is like taking money away from your family and the families of those you work with. Who wouldn't vote for those that will help your family, instead of those that hoard all the wealth for the rich. Children in union households prosper more and are able to take advantage of more opportunities than children in non-union households.
Rights that we have now may not remain if we don't elect those who will help the union worker. Things we hold dear, like "The Right to Organize", "The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB)" and "The Right to Bargain." We have to build the middle class and unions to live better and safer. This cannot be done with those in office who work to destroy it.
Another important point to remember is that the next President will be appointing Supreme Court Justices and the congress will be approving the appointees or not. These justices will decide our legal futures. They must be appointed and approved by labor friendly representative.

Please think carefully in the voting booth. Vote for your wallet, your family, your job and your future!