We are Brothers and Sisters, Not Enemies

As you have no doubt seen in the news, the United States is placing tariffs on products coming to America from Canada. Canada, in return, has vowed retaliatory tariffs for products entering its boarders from the United States. At the recent G7 summit there was a war of words concerning this issue from the leaders of both countries.
Whatever your thoughts are on this budding trade war, please keep in mind that we have IBEW union sisters and brothers living and working in Canada. In fact, the IBEW has been in Canada since 1899, well over one hundred years. There are IBEW Local Unions in all ten provinces and three territories, from Newfoundland to British Columbia. There are sixty-five thousand IBEW union members in Canada, along with their families.
The United States and Canada are close allies, not enemies. As IBEW union members in America we must remember our brothers and sisters of Canada. We are not battling against Canada, nor are the IBEW union members of Canada battling against us.
"We are one Union, together we are strong, and together we shall stay!"