What I am Thankful For

It is fall already and the holidays are upon us. It is my sincere hope that you will spend your Thanksgiving holiday doing what you want with family and friends. Let us all be full of thanks and giving.

There is always something to be thankful for.
Be thankful for the people that make us happy.
Thankful for the IBEW, and the chance for like-minded people to advance our cause for a strong, prosperous middle class.

Thankful to be a member in a union that accepts all, no matter their gender, ethnicity, religion or preference.

Thankful for our union brothers and sisters.

Thankful to work for a company that recognized the IBEW as the sole collective bargaining agent for its members.

Thankful to work in a state that is union strong, and not right to work.

Thankful to live in a country where unions can legally exist, even if it is a constant struggle.

I am thankful for you, the members of local union 10 IBEW, and the opportunity to be your Business Manager.