Yanez: Storm Season is here

Brothers and Sisters, Summer is just a memory now. The leaves are changing and the air is getting cooler with each passing day. There are many things happening around us that we can not escape. From the implementation of the Affordable Care Act to the Government shut down, still the Labor Movement carries on with a forward momentum.
The IBEW held its progress meeting towards the end of September. There was much information and updates on their part and really good news; now that we have a full panel appointed to the National Labor Relations Board. These 5 individuals should start work and ruling on disputes put forward by Labor.
Education continues to move forward with the IBEW Youth Caucus. We want to ensure that the younger generation knows and understands how important Unions are for their survival and the success of the middle class. Brothers and Sisters, we all have to do our part in educating our children, let them know what a Union is and what it does. How Unions were formed and, more important, why they were formed and why they are just as relevant today as they were one hundred years ago. Be proud to be a member of a Brotherhood, be proud too call your co-workers Brother or Sister. Many of our neighbors who are not in unions have to beg for raises, get fired for unjust reasons. So stand tall and be counted as a Union member.
With all the distractions surrounding us everyday, remember safety is our first priority. Last year Sandy came up the coast at the end of October causing serious damage to life and property. This is the time for storms to develop and endanger us and the people we love. Make sure you have a plan and the means to survive what Mother Nature throws at us. Storm kits with water, batteries, flashlights, ready to eat food, etc are important to survive at anytime.
Last but mot least. Halloween is just around the corner, keep your children safe by walking with them  or having a conversation on the dangers of trick or treating. Please be safe out there, adhere to the safety rules and always exercise and practice common sense. - Leo Yanez, Business Manager