You are Accountable for Your Actions

Whether you work for a multi-national corporation, a power producer, or a Rural Electric Cooperative, as a Union Member of Local 10 IBEW you must remember that you are accountable for your actions.
The companies we work for now monitor all aspects of what we do. Phone calls are recorded, computers are tracked and reviewed, hand held devices track your location and time. We must remember that all these devices belong to the company you work for, we are just using them to complete our work. The company has the right to monitor its equipment.
Many company vehicles are fitted with GPS Technology. They know where you are and at what speed you travel. If you are not where you are supposed to be, and doing what you are supposed to be doing, there will be repercussions.
If you are not honest on your time sheets, that is considered falsifying company documents or theft of time. We need to be to work on time, and leave one time.
I've talked about safety here many times. Safety is another thing that we are responsible for. Discipline for not following safety rules and procedures could end up being the least of your worries in the utility business.
Theft of time, customer property, company property, co-workers property and service will not be tolerated by the companies we work for. Along with "Matter of Respect", or hostile work environments.
Use the skills you have learned to the best of your ability every day, and return home as healthy as you arrived. As union sisters and brothers we earn a higher wage because we work our craft the right way. Know what is acceptable today. The way you did things 25 years ago may not be the way it is supposed to be done in today's workplace.