Benefits for New NYSEG Hires

Any NYSEG employee hired after 2/1/2020 and have 90 days with the company are eligible for health insurance per the current CBA (see statement below). Log onto the HR benefits center to sign up for the health insurance, you will need the SS# for any family member you are signing up. If you have any questions please call the Local 10 office at 607-798-9718
New Hire Benefits

The Company will provide all new full-time regular employees hired after July 1, 2020, the option to elect voluntary health benefits (medical, dental and vision), upon completing 90- days of employment (these benefits will be effective on the first of the month following completion of 90 days of service).  After meeting the 90 days of employment requirement, employees will have 30 days from the start of their election period to elect coverage.  Failure to elect coverage within the 30- day enrollment period will default to no coverage.  Employees who actively elect coverage will have the same 4-tier medical option, at the same costs, as current full time permanent Local 10 employees.