Local 10 Member Saves a Life

Below is a great story of Local 10 member Matthew Huette saving a life while on a kayaking trip in Moab Utah. Great job Matthew

An off-duty New facYork State Park Police officer is being called a hero after saving a kayaker who capsized on the Colorado River in Moab earlier this month.

On June 6, Officer Bryan Welcher - a 16-year veteran of New York State Park Police - was on a rafting trip with his friends on The Daly of the Colorado River, just north of Moab around 5 p.m. in Class III rapids when he observed an unconscious kayaker that capsized upriver.

Welcher and his friends attempted to intercept the kayaker by rowing across the river to him just before he floated past them. According to New York State Park Police's Facebook page, the kayaker was in 44-degree water for at least 10 minutes and regained consciousness as Welcher and his friends lifted him onto their boat.

The kayaker was blue and in shock when he came onto the boat. He could not say his name, didn't know where he was or what happened and was vomiting. Welcher had his friend call 911 on the river, advising dispatch that they would meet at the Rocky Rapid takeout.

Welcher and his friends navigated the remaining section of the rapids with the victim onboard and arrived at the takeout. Approximately 30 minutes later, Grand County Sheriff's deputies and an ambulance arrived at the scene to treat the kayaker, who was then transported to urgent care in Moab for exposure and unknown injuries.