Local 83 working hard to restore power!

Power Restoration: Local 83 Leading the Way
November 8, 2012 Our thoughts and prayers go to the victims of Sandy. The membership of the IBEW Local 83 continue to work on the restoration process, committed to the customers we serve.  Trough great sacrifice, dealing with adverse weather conditions and being away from our loved ones, our members keep plugging away at the destruction inflicted by Sandy.  We all see the front line workers, we see the boots on the ground. The ones we don't see, and are just as important. Support personal really do assist our front line Brothers to get the job done.  A very special thank you goes to our Brothers and Sisters on the Call Center in Binghamton, N.Y. (Kirkwood). Their professionalism and dedication to Customer Satisfaction is second to none. These members have being spending very long hours on the phones, talking to customers and helping the people calling looking for answers. With frustration mounting every day the lights are out, this dedicated group of people are still answering phones and helping the customers. Often they deal with verbal abuse resulting from frustration and anger coming from customers still without power.  Listening to the comments and witnessing our progress on the restoration process, makes me proud to be a member of the IBEW Local 83. Thank you very much Brothers and Sisters, please be good and be safe.
83 Responds to Hurricane Sandy, assists 1049 & 94. Thousands of IBEW members responding to restore vital service to affected areas. Scores of Local 83 Lineman are now downstate helping in the restoration efforts. Our brothers and sisters at IBEW 94 in New Jersey and IBEW 1049 on Long Island have been going through some really tough times, but they are responding with diligence and restoring power at record rates. Hurricane Sandy brought over 50 deaths and millions without gas and electric service on Long Island, but the IBEW is providing comfort and security to a region in need. Click the image to go to ibew1049.org to watch videos. To the Local 83 members on the road - please be safe, don't be a cowboy and make sure you make it home safe to your families.
Oct 30, 2012 Message from Business Manager Leo Yanez. As Sandy leaves a path of destruction moving west, we are left to put the pieces back together. There is a lot of work ahead of us and Safety should be our number one priority. Our commitment is to the public and their safety. Keeping this in mind we have to stay safe and working so we can fulfill our oath to our customers, neighbors, friends and family. We will do our best to restore the services that Sandy interrupted.
We have long hours of hard work ahead of us, please Brothers and Sisters lets look out for each other, that is what Brotherhood is about. Help  each other get trough the rough times and come back home safe, to our families.
To all the crews from the IBEW and specially to the IBEW Local 83, work safe and God bless you.Thank you and be safe out there.