New York State Utility Labor Council

Did you know that Local 83 President and Business Manager Dan Addy is also the President of the New York State Utility Labor Council? The photo shows Dan working with the council at the most recent meeting in April. This is a council of Business Managers from 18 local unions that represents over 14,000 employees working for Utility Companies across New York State. Dan was elected to this position by those Business Managers to lead and guide them through the regulatory and legislative processes within the State. His extensive background in Utility Labor with 34 years of experience, has aided this group in the passing of legislation on behalf of Utility Workers. Under Dan's term, the council has succeeded with permanently passing the Gloving Bill to protect those working with high voltage electric. This bill sets limits on this type of work Utilities can require their workers to do. They were also effective in the passing of the Call Center Bill, which requires NYS Utility Companies to keep their call centers in New York State and not send these jobs out of state or even worse overseas. These are examples of a few victories Utility Union Labor has had and Local 83 is proud to have its President Dan Addy leading the way!