Support for the Cayuga Power Plant repowering effort

Message from Business Manager Leo Yanez:  New York State Senator Nozolio was at the Cayuga Plant on Monday, July 15th supporting an initiative to keep the plant open.  We had member's of the community and the School board speak in favor of keeping the plant open. I was asked to say a few words, and I was interviewed on WHCU talk radio about this very important issue.
Below you will see a personal message I received from the Senator and below that an overview of the issue. There is going to be a Public Statement Hearing and Informational Forum  on Monday, July 29th at the Lansing Middle School Auditorium. The Informational Forum starts at 6:00 pm and the Public Statement Hearing st 7:00 pm.
We need the memberships support at this hearing. It is vital that all the stakeholders see us, hear us and be able to put a face to a name and see for themselves how many working families are negatively effected if a plant closure takes place. For all you Local 83 members who do not work at Cayuga, we need your support as well. A union helps those in need and stands by their fellow members through both the good times and the bad. This is a time when our brothers and sisters at Cayuga need us, so please come out and let them know that they are not alone.
Many thanks for your valuable assistance in our news conference earlier  this week. Your statements certainly helped in our efforts to educate the public about the significant ramifications the closure of the Cayuga Operating Plant would have on the residents of Lansing. We need your help again! Attached is our message that I will be sending to the citizens of Lansing, and I would like to ask for your help in distributing this important information to your fellow board members, your members and anyone you believe who would be adversely affected by a decision to close the plant.
Please feel free to share this information with others and encourage them to attend the Public Service Commission hearing on July 29th. It is especially important that individuals who support education, lower property taxes, job development, youth sports, the library, and all similar programs, attend this hearing and voice their support of the Cayuga Operating Plant's proposal to repower the plant. Look forward to seeing you and as many people you can bring to support the Cayuga Operating Plant, at the public hearing on July 29th.
Monday, July 29th AT 6:00 PM
Lansing Middle School Auditorium
6 Ludlowville Road, Lansing, NY 14882
Please join me and other local leaders in our efforts to save jobs and prevent a devastating tax increase on Lansing homeowners and area businesses. If the Cayuga Operating Plant is closed, the property taxes you pay to the Lansing Central School District, the town of Lansing and Tompkins county will increase by an average of $600.00! The closure of the plant will mean reduced services for Lansing residents and it will have a devastating effect on the school district. The plant's closure will result in the loss of critical teaching positions, fewer class offerings, larger class sizes, and the possible elimination of sports and other extracurricular activities!
The Cayuga Operating Plant is the single largest taxpayer in the town of Lansing and unless the plans to repower the plant are approved, the average Lansing property taxpayer could see their tax bills increase by $ 600.00 or higher! If the plant is closed, Lansing would become the highest taxed, non-city school district in Tompkins county. As your New York State Senator, I stand united with local officials in opposition to the closure of this plant and have enclosed our recent statement on this critically important matter for your information and review.
The New York State Public Service Commission will be holding a public hearing on Cayuga  Operating Plant's request to repower the plant using natural gas. The alternative to  this plan is closure and the loss of over 50 well paying jobs as well as the lost opportunity to gain hundreds of high paying construction jobs for a 2 year period!! Your support of the plan to repower the plant is critical!  We need to let the Public Service Commission know that the people of Lansing support the continued operation of the plant! The future of the town of Lansing is at risk  and I urge you to attend this critically important meeting!