ULC 2014 Legislative Agenda

Local 83 is an active member of the IBEW New York State Utility Labor Council which addresses legislative and public policy priorities that affect utility workers. Working together with other IBEW Locals that represent utility workers, we lobby on behalf of you to make sure your voice is heard loud and clear in the State Capitol. The New York State Utility Labor Council is supporting the following legislative issues for the 2014 legislative session.
Staffing Levels
which in accordance with the Moreland Commission Final Report of 2013, the New York State Public Service Commission announced it would conduct an independent, operations audit at the major New York energy utilities. The ULC will lobby the legislature to review the audit and ensure that the concerns of our members are given close attention.
Champlain Hudson Power Express. The ULC is opposed to the construction of the Champlain Hudson Power Express transmission line which would bring 1,000 MW of wind and hydro power along a 333-mile direct current line from Canada to New York City. The multi-billion-dollar project is being developed by Transmission Developers Inc. We believe that New York has significant unused power in the state that would be bypassed by the CHPE project, which offers no opportunity for existing New York generators and transmission companies to connect to the power line.
Unresolvable contract negotiations.
This legislation is needed to require NYPA and its employees to submit all unresolvable contract negotiations to binding arbitration.
Utility Worker Assault Legislation. Would elevate assault of a utility worker in the second degree to a class D felony. Utility workers, who perform vital services, are, with increasing frequency, the victims of assault and aggression. It is currently a felony to cause injury to peace officers, police officers, firefighters or emergency medical workers with the intent to prevent them from performing their duties. In light of utility workers safety and well-being, this bill is necessary.We will be meeting in Albany regularly during the session to lobby legislators to support our positions on these important issues.