Upstate Energy Jobs Coalition

New York Lawmakers Fight for the Future. Because of your efforts, multiple lawmakers are also fighting for a secure energy future for upstate New York. Assemblyman Will Barclay and Senator Patty Ritchie have introduced two important pieces of legislation. Assembly bill A8688 and Senate bill S06476A would support nuclear energy's role for a clean energy New York by:
  •  Providing a one-time $60 million tax credit to FitzPatrick Nuclear Plant; and
  •  Making nuclear power plants eligible for "zero-carbon emission" payments.
The Upstate Energy Jobs Coalition supports this legislation. Not only does it provide the support that is needed to upstate nuclear plants, but they also showcase nuclear energy's vital role in fostering clean energy for all of New York. Please contact your local legislator and tell them to "vote yes" for the future of upstate New York.