We need more comments in to the PSC

Brothers and Sisters please take the time to read and act on the following matter, it is important for all New Yorkers. With the Energy Highway proposal we are attempting to keep all jobs in the State of New York by upgrading the already existing NY State transmission system. Our current "energy highway" is old and outdated hence not allowing the abundance of WNY power to reach the power starved NY City area. Read more and speak up on the NYS AFL-CIO website!
The other proposal out there is an extension cord from Canada directly to NY City.  If that line were to be built it would cripple WNY jobs and communities.  In turn eventually leading to even higher unemployment and a saturation of unemployed workers looking for jobs, our jobs!!!  For anyone who is familiar withe supply and demand, I don't think we need to tell you what this would do to us at the negotiating table. So once again, please take the time to read this and do what is best for ALL New Yorkers.